Gallery of Spas

There's no question that a home spa provides therapeutic benefits. These include social, emotional, and physical benefits. However, not all spas are created equal. At Aquatech, we are proud to offer the complete line of Caldera Spas. Caldera Spas are designed with a unique combination of comfort, performance, and style, so that every time you step into your spa, you'll transform tension into rejuvenation. In addition to above-ground spas from Caldera, we design and build fully custom in-ground spas and hot tubs. These may or may not be built adjacent to an in-ground pool. Custom in-ground spas are built using the dimensions, materials, and shape preferences specified by the client. Aquatech has designed and built hundreds of spas over the years. The variety is nearly endless. In fact, deciding on the right spa for your home can be overwhelming, Below, are pictures of some of the spas we've built over the years—it's a great place to find inspiration. We'd love to talk with you about your project, as well. Please contact Aquatech Utah to discuss your spa options.