Aquatech is proud to be one of BioGuard’s exclusive dealers. BioGuard has been in the pool industry for over 40 years and since their inception they’ve become one of the most recognized brands in the industry, constantly setting new standards. BioGuard dealers are required to keep up on the latest pool and spa chemical maintenance techniques. BioGuard also allows us to use their advanced water analysis technology which enables us to come up with effective treatment techniques individualized for your pool or spa. This means that our treatment recommendations work the first time, so you don’t have to pay for the costly process of trial and error. If you have any questions about how to maintain or treat your pool, we are always happy to help. We look forward to working with you. Contact Us Today!

BioGuard Product Line


bioguard productsWe are proud to offer several different BioGuard options for the complete treatment and maintenance of pools and spas. Below are some of the product lines that we offer. For a complete listing of BioGuard products that we offer, check back here in the future, or feel free to come by our store. BioGuard offers several different lines of pool and spa cleaning products. This allows you to choose how to treat and maintain your pool. Whether your pool or spa requires stronger chemical treatments, or you’re looking for more natural options like salt, BioGuard has products for you.


bioguard mineral spring line

Mineral Springs

This is BioGuard’s mineral spring treatment line. This is the first step in turning your spa into a clean, mineral-rich bath.
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bioguard salt scape line

Salt Scapes

BioGuard’s Salt Scape line is an alternative to chemical spa treatments. Salts can be a more natural way of keeping your spa water clean.

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bioguard spa guard line

Spa Guard

The SpaGuard line is a powerful treatment and maintenance line for spas. Not only will BioGuard’s Spa Guard help get your water looking and feeling great, but it will also keep it looking that way much longer than other brands can.
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